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Is Outlook Best for Managing Contacts?

Clouco Team, 12th Dec 2016

Managing contacts remains, to this day, a challenge for the smallest business all the way up to the most sophisticated enterprise. In the following article, we lay out a quick guide to the the options available to small-to-medium sized businesses (SMBs), and even large Enterprises in managing contacts, from fully fledged CRM down to your Outlook Contacts.

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A new Contact Manager to conquer them all

Clouco Team, 27th July 2016

For a while now we've been working on a side-project to that we call Clouco Spaces. Clouco Spaces is a new contact manager aimed at small to medium sized businesses.

Clouco Spaces works perfectly for teams or groups that need to share contact information, on the move, at anytime.

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Online Address Book, free? Really?

Clouco Team, 21st August 2015

This post came to mind as we have long been thinking about how to help our users overcome that initial hesitancy with using a new service - particularly an online address book - that niggling concern that you may be immediately spammed.

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Making the most of cloud applications for your SMB

James Wright, 21st March 2015

If you started a business over 10 years ago, you probably didnt pay too much attention to how slick your ‘digital’ presence was in the market. You didn’t need to - you had a business to run. IT was something you did in the background to keep things moving - your office tools, spreadsheets, documents… Part of the cost of doing business, though certainly an improvement on pen and paper.

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Keep your Gifts and Invitations a Surprise

Clouco Team, 15th January 2015

Ever had that situation where you need to send a gift to a friend to celebrate a birthday, an engagement or a new baby, say, only to find you don't know their address? And guess what, they don't advertise it on Facebook - quite rightly!

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Online Address Books - a debate revisited

Clouco Team, 12th October 2014

We recently contributed a piece to SMBCEO that looked in to the nuances of the 'online address book' market. One of the most interesting aspects of this piece was simply the definition 'online address book', and what this implies.

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Starting an Online Business - the #whatwelearned series

Clouco Team, 5th October 2014

We and co-founder @jamwrig blogged a #whatwelearned series on twitter. This is our consolidated list for easy reference.

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A moving house checklist: for your long-distance relocation

James Wright, 1st October 2014

Strangely - we admit it - our first blog post is not really about Clouco or about what we do. But nonetheless, in the spirit of sharing, we wanted to post this simple moving-house checklist, as we really hope it will help others who find themselves staring at the prospect of long-distance relocation. And, believe it or not, we think Clouco can play a very small part in a successful move.

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The Clouco Blog is Born

Clouco Team, 29th September 2014

We are excited about the launch of the Clouco Blog, and hereby announce our blog 'LIVE'!

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