Never ask for family or friends' addresses again: get a connected address book
Looking for 'Clouco Spaces'?
(our new Contact Manager for Teams)
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Join the address-book revolution
Using Clouco is simple
Create your private contact profile
Connect with trusted family, friends, colleagues
Invite others to complete your online address book
Your address book evolves with you
You choose who to network with, and what contact information you share.
When people in your network change their contact information you are automatically updated and vice versa.
Great for personal or professional use, or both
You create a contact profile and you can show as much or as little as you choose.
Phone, Mobile, Skype, Addresses, Email, Work info, Social Networks, Blogs, Websites... You decide.
Your address book on any device, anywhere
You’re at home on the laptop, or you’re out and about on the phone or tablet - whatever the situation you’ve got Clouco with you - all you need is an internet connection to access your address book.
It doesn’t matter what type of device either - Clouco works with Chrome, Firefox, IE and Safari.
Keep contact information private
We understand that privacy of personal information is extremely important, and as such you can be assured that Clouco will never pass on or broker your data to 3rd parties.
Our service is based on sharing with people you choose to share with. Nobody else can view your information unless you explicitly agree to connect to them.
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